The Project

Research revealed that for many, dieting is a frustrating affair. Considering that the average middle-aged woman has tried 65 diets in her lifetime, it’s clear that sticking to a diet – any diet – is a problem.

The Willpower App nudges users into making the right food and exercise choices by allowing them to easily keep score of their calorie intake and calorie burn while providing them with professional support, health education, a social forum, recipes and (most importantly) motivation through tailored push-notifications and awards.

The Willpower App seeks to help people take control of their weight, stay motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of time and place.

My Role

  • Research
  • Research documentation
  • Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and optimization
  • Quality Assurance

Showing the effects of your actions

Counting calories is tedious and time consuming – but it is an extremely important tool when educating people about the effects of their eating habits. Most people simply don’t know which foods are calorie heavy and which are not.

It was quite a challenge to create a tool that solved this in an easy way. But by having a database of foods that users could easily search from, having recipes where all  calculations were done and by pre-loading  diet plans with recommendations, we at least did out best to make it as easy as possible for the user to comply with this routine.

Making it easy to set up a custom diet plan

Research showed that people had a hard time understanding how to set up the Nupo diets and understand how to use the different products in relation to each other.

To solve this we created calculation that would supply the user with a custom diet plan based on their goal weight and desired timeframe. The faster they wanted to loose weight, the more intense the diet would be.

Giving personal support

People are much more likely to adhere to a diet, when they get support and when they can share their frustrations and joys with likeminded people. Therefore it was obvious to build a support forum where people could share their experiences and get advice and support. We saw that this connection with people who are going through the same thing created a shared purpose, which again reduced the likelihood that they would abandon their goals.

Furthermore we created an award system that rewards users with badges when they reach different goals or do certain tasks – The user tests showed that this element of gamification resulted in instant joy and smiles.

Thank you for your interest.

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