The project

We all know that pensions is not the most sexy or interesting topic in the world – yet it is something that is very important and decisions around these will have great implications to people’s lives. The pension trade association in Denmark wanted to give people an easy way to understand their pensions and the contributions they gave to these – across all their  plans. This is why we developed PensionsInfo.

My Role

  • Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Quality Assurance

Making it easy to understand how much your will receive when.

Most people don’t really know how much money they will receive each month when they retire. In Pensionsinfo users are able to get an understanding of how much they will actually receive throughout their retirement depending on when they retire. This is nicely communicated in a timeline graphs, where users can manipulate the year they want to retire, to see how this impacts their payout.

Understanding your pension plan

Working with the experts from the pension trade association we learned that very few people actually understand the insurances that are automatically bundled with their pension plans. We wanted to make it very clear what would happen to you or your family in case of the unforeseeable.

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