The Project

With a joint fleet of 95 aircraft and approximately 3,400 owned and franchised travel stores, Thomas Cook is Europe’s second largest leisure travel company. The Airshoppen is Thomas Cooks online duty free store, where passengers booked through Thomas Cook agents can buy goods online that are delivered to their seats in the aircraft, both to and from their holiday destination.

Every change we do to the site is measured and this allows us to incrementally change and test with users before we undertake major changes on the platform. We create prototypes and test ideas from observations we see in website analytics, around patterns of interaction, login behaviour and use of the site from customers.

We then test these hypothesis with actual users in working wireframes. This allows Thomas Cook some degree of confidence before committing to code changes.

The numbers speak for themselves and our process ensures there are no shortage of future applications from our insights that Thomas Cook can benefit from.

My Role

  • Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and optimization
  • Quality Assurance

Increase in key metrics

The site has a conversion rate of 11.53% with the number of purchased products increasing by 9.7 % compared to 2010. 24 % fewer dropped from the buying process and 25% more users are able to login.

Award winning work

The work received an award at the Danish Internet Award in the category ”E-commerce and retail”

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